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Song of the Day: Idris Muhammed “Could Heaven Ever Be Like This? (Leftside Wobble Edit)”

Posted by: DJ D-Mac
Aug 08, 2014

Idris Muhammed’s Loft classic, “Could Heaven Ever Be Like This?” is here edited with a light touch by Leftside Wobble.

Song of the Day: Donald Byrd “Places and Spaces”

Posted by: DJ Meistro
May 07, 2014
places and spaces

Donald Byrd’s Places and Spaces album just reminds me of spring (which has finally arrived here in DC).

Song of the Day: Freeez “Southern Freeez”

Apr 26, 2013
Southern Freeez

Here’s “Southern Freeez,” my favorite track off of the Freeez album Southern Freeez that came out on Beggars Banquet in 1980.

Song of the Day: Ramp “Daylight (SMQ Edit)”

Posted by: Rusty B
Apr 06, 2012

The funky vibes of “Daylight” by RAMP (sampled on “Bonita Applebaum” by A Tribe Called Quest) gets a fine edit by SMQ.

Bossa Beat!

Posted by: DJ D-Mac
Apr 03, 2011

Classic bossa nova on Discos Elenco, my favorite Sea and Cake album, and one jazz-funk raer courtesy Som Records.

Download: Christmas Crackle 2

Posted by: DJ D-Mac
Dec 01, 2009

DJ D-Mac once again digs deep into the Christmas snow to unearth a stack of lost and not-so-lost holiday vinyl classics. Get ready for a funky funky Christmas!

Digging Deep

Posted by: DJ D-Mac
Jul 30, 2008

Recently uncovered treasures include this selection of fine vintage LPs fresh from the field. 1.  Funkadelic – Funkadelic’s Greatest Hits [Westbound] Standing on the Verge of Getting It On, Hit It and Quit It, Can You Get to That, etc. 2.  Bohannon – Stop & Go [Dakar Records] The solo debut! Before delving deep into disco, Hamilton […]

I Got Som(e) More

Posted by: DJ D-Mac
Jan 05, 2008

Another nice stack of wax courtesy Som Records. 1.  Jazzy Jay – Cold Chillin’ in the Spot [Def Jam Recordings] An early Def Jam hip-hop classic, the label’s third release. 2.  UMC’s – One to Grow On [Wild Pitch Records] A golden-era dancefloor burner. Soulful & uptempo, the way I like it. 3.  Main Source – Fakin’ the […]

Summer Breaks

Posted by: DJ D-Mac
Jul 24, 2007
mark ronson

Another batch of dancefloor bangers sure to rock the s**t out of that upcoming Black Cat gig (and beyond). 1.  Mark Ronson – Oh My God – The Super Busdown Remix [Columbia] The Kaiser Chiefs get covered properly with Ms. Lily Allen on vocals. Busta Rhymes adds a choice golden era rap. Oh my Gawd, indeed! […]

Icy Cold Cuts

Posted by: DJ D-Mac
Feb 17, 2007

A short mid-winter selection of cool cuts. 1.  various – Atlantiquity [Atlantic] Killer collection of classic soul, jazz & funk cuts remixed by Quantic, Nu-Mark, and King Britt, among others. 2.  Beck – Bad Cartridge (E-Pro) [Interscope] Space Invaders remix treatment of E-Pro. Trying to get caught up on my Beck classics. 3.  Amy Winehouse – You Know […]