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Song of the Day: Flo and Eddie “Marmendy Mill”

Posted by: Neville C.
Dec 19, 2014
Flo & Eddie 73

As the holidays approach I find myself listening to songs from my youth. “Marmendy Mill” by Flo and Eddie is a song that instantly takes me back to age 15, Atlanta, GA, listening to records with my headphones on.

Song of the Day: Mother’s Finest “Piece of the Rock”

Posted by: Neville C.
Nov 07, 2014

Live, Mother’s Finest couldn’t be beat. Here’s one of my favorite songs, “Piece of the Rock”

Song of the Day: Fleetwood Mac “World Turning”

Posted by: Neville C.
Jun 28, 2013

For all you folks who think Fleetwood Mac was/is a lightweight pop band (and hopefully there aren’t many of you) check out “World Turning” from 1975.

Song of the Day: America Hearts “A Whole Lotta Love”

Posted by: Dylan
May 31, 2013

America Hearts is a little bit country a little bit rock and roll. They are also a little bit DC and you can see them play tonight at the Smithsonian.

Reg Presley (1941-2013)

Posted by: DJ D-Mac
Feb 05, 2013

Lead singer of proto-punk pioneers The Troggs—best-remembered for their hit version of “Wild Thing”—Reg Presley died yesterday at the age of 71.

Song of the Day: John Farnham “Break the Ice”

Posted by: Dylan
Nov 29, 2012
Ain't life Rad?

A fine example of mid-80s motivational soundtrack rock, a staple of the class-conscious underdog sports movies of the era (see also The Karate Kid, Better Off Dead). I have to wonder if “Break the Ice” wasn’t written for a different movie: the story of a young man who spends every afternoon on a frozen over baseball diamond in suburban Toronto practicing extreme moves in his hockey skates.

Carolyn & Devon’s Wedding at Briar Patch Bed & Breakfast Inn

Posted by: Dylan
Sep 07, 2012

This charming wedding at Briar Patch Bed & Breakfast Inn featured a sparkler sendoff for the fantastic couple, after a fun night of dancing.

Song of the Day: McDonald and Giles “Tomorrow’s People”

Posted by: DJ Nitekrawler
Jul 26, 2012

Way back during college, back when I was mostly buying hip hop or random records to sample, (and feebly attempt to make my own music), I ran across a self titled LP by McDonald & Giles. Since that day, the record has become a favorite of mine. It’s hard not to appreciate the incredible composition […]

Song of the Day: Queen “Death on Two Legs (Dedicated to…)”

Posted by: Neville C.
May 02, 2012

From the classic Night at the Opera album, “Death on Two Legs (Dedicated To…)” is Queen’s kiss-off to former manager Norman Whitfield.

Song of the Day: Lou Reed “Coney Island Baby”

Posted by: Rocklights
Feb 27, 2012

“Coney Island Baby” was the title track to Lou Reed’s 1976 album—the 30th year anniversary release features bonus tracks and remastering—with warm guitar sweeping through the verses and punctuating choruses.