Song of the Day: Janelle Monáe “What is Love”

Posted by: DJ Meistro
Apr 29, 2014

Janelle Monáe’s “What is Love” appears in the animated feature Rio 2. The tune mixes a Brazilian beat with Monáe’s soaring vocals and an infectious hook; all the makings of a summer jam.

D-Mac returns to the Den of Thieves with Eric Hilton this Saturday 03/08

Posted by: DJ D-Mac
Mar 07, 2014

DJ D-Mac is returning to the Den of Thieves this Saturday night with Eric Hilton. Gonna dust off the funky 45 box and spin some real vinyl!

Song of The Day: Pharrell Williams “Happy”

Posted by: DJ Stylus
Jul 03, 2013

From collaborations with Daft Punk and Jay-Z to the Motownisms of “Happy” on the Despicable Me 2 soundtrack, it seems like Pharrell Williams chose 2013 to remind folks of the magic behind his musical touch.

Song of the Day: The Feelies “Fame”

Posted by: Neville C.
Feb 25, 2013

In 1986 the movie “Something Wild” starring Melanie Griffith, Jeff Daniels, and Ray Liotta, The Feelies launch into a great version of the David Bowie classic, “Fame.”

Song of the Day: Sonu Nigam “Tenu Leke”

Posted by: DJ Meistro
Jan 18, 2013

I heard this tune, Sonu Nigam’s “Tenu Leke,” at a wedding in India and immediately sought it out. From the movie Salaam-e-Ishq.

Holiday Gift Guide

Posted by: DJ D-Mac
Nov 29, 2012

What does a DJ wish for this holiday? Headphones, records, turntables, and studio gear, of course. But also fire pits, comic books and zombie survival kits. Check out what D-Mac, Nitekrawler, Atticus, Jayclue, Rusty B., Meistro, Stylus, Stereo Faith, Micah Vellian, and Ange want to unwrap in December.

Song of the Day: John Farnham “Break the Ice”

Posted by: Dylan
Nov 29, 2012
Ain't life Rad?

A fine example of mid-80s motivational soundtrack rock, a staple of the class-conscious underdog sports movies of the era (see also The Karate Kid, Better Off Dead). I have to wonder if “Break the Ice” wasn’t written for a different movie: the story of a young man who spends every afternoon on a frozen over baseball diamond in suburban Toronto practicing extreme moves in his hockey skates.

Song of the Day: Bright Eyes “Devil Town”

Posted by: Dylan
Nov 13, 2012
Daniel Johnston

Here’s a cover of Daniel Johnston’s Devil Town, as performed by Bright Eyes with Nick Zinner. Johnston’s original is a cappella, and repeats a single melody for each verse. Here, the instruments and harmony vocals build up and fade away to give the song a more compelling structure.

Song of the Day: Danny Elfman “This is Halloween”

Posted by: Ange
Oct 23, 2012

ith Halloween coming up next week I thought I would pay homage to one of my (and my 4 year old’s) favorite movies. The Nightmare Before Christmas is a wonderful movie with an INCREDIBLE soundtrack by Danny Elfman. There are many great songs in this movie but I thought “This is Halloween” fit best.

Song of the Day: Perry & the Harmonics “Do the Monkey With James”

Posted by: DJ D-Mac
Aug 22, 2012

Perry & the Harmonics were a Chicago-based soul-jazz combo who cut just one album for Mercury Records. Cashing in on the mid-sixties craze for anything spy-related, Intrigue With Soul album features jazzy Bond themes and the nicely grooving “Do the Monkey With James.”

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