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Song of the Day: Mala “Cuba Electronic”

Posted by: Atticus
May 16, 2013

Atticus’ Song of the Day leads to an in-depth study in bass weight’s past and present.

Rusty B: Top Ten 2011 List

Posted by: Rusty B
Dec 22, 2011

Here is my top ten for 2011, as you can see I have some chill wave and some straight up dance-floor bombs filling out my top ten. This has been an amazing year musically, and we were blessed with tons of great albums and singles.

Song of the Day: Kraftwerk “The Model”

Posted by: Rocklights
Dec 21, 2011

German electro-pop pioneers Kraftwerk flew mostly below the radar stateside, yet they were a very influential group to many synth based artists that charted highly in America. Driving rhythms with flowing melodies can be a formula for pop success and this was the basic recipe for their 1978 release, “The Model.”

Song of the Day: Glass Candy “Halloween”

Posted by: DJ D-Mac
Oct 31, 2011

A late entry into the Halloween-themed downloads, Glass Candy have created an homage to John Carpenter’s legendary all-synthesizer scores for his own “Halloween” films. A sing-song “trick or treat” melody glides atop slick synths creeping along at a stalker pace. Nicely done!

Download: Night of Horrors!

Posted by: DJ D-Mac
Oct 25, 2011

Fresh from the lab, here’s a new mix just in time for Halloween scares! Forty-eight minutes of creeping, unrelenting menace.

On Heavy Rotation

Posted by: DJ D-Mac
Oct 05, 2011

Just a few songs I’ve been personally feeling lately, including great new releases from indie artists St. Vincent and CANT, a brilliant cumbia/house hybrid from Quantic, vital revivalist soul from Raphael Saadiq, and some incredible reworkings of classics from Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye.

Best of Quantic out September 5th!

Posted by: DJ D-Mac
Jul 19, 2011

Ten years and twelve albums into his career, Will Holland aka Quantic shows no sign of stopping. This new double-disc retrospective highlights his amazingly varied music released under a number of studio projects.

A Little Music Machine

Posted by: DJ D-Mac
Apr 13, 2011

This is a cool little Flash toy courtesy Sembeo that allows you to play simple bell tones on an interactive matrix.

Ready for The Weeknd

Posted by: DJ D-Mac
Apr 05, 2011

Really feeling the late-night R&B-meets-indietronica stylings of The Weeknd right now. Their debut mixtape is now available for download.

Trus’me tonight at The Warehouse

Posted by: DJ D-Mac
Apr 01, 2011

I gotta give some much-deserved respect to an artist buried in tonight’s Warehouse line-up: Manchester-based Trus’me, producer of late-night, jazzed-up, dubbed-out Detroit-styled house and disco.

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