Stereo Faith’s Gift Picks

1.) Upside Down: Creation Records Story DVD ($18.45)

This DVD tells the definitive story of the rise and fall of Creation Records, one of the UK’s most successful labels. Creation is one of my favorite labels of all-time. They’re responsible for many great bands including Oasis, The Jesus and Mary Chain and Ride.
Available at Amazon

2.) Factory Records: The Complete Graphic Album ($89.00)

This amazing book compiles all of the UK’s Factory Records’ graphic output including album covers, flyers and other design. A must have for Factory Records enthusiasts like me!
Available at Amazon

3.) 20 Years of Dischord ($16.00)

An amazing 3 CD complilation of DC Hardcore’s finest. Two CDs of previously released material, and one of unreleased material, from Dischord’s finest including Minor Threat, Government Issue, Nation of Ulysses, Gray Matter and more.
Available at Dischord

4.) Rane: SL4 Serato Scratch Live ($899.00)

Serato Scratch Live was like a gift sent from the DJ gods! All the hands on use of turntables without having to carry all of my rare and expensive vinyl to clubs. It also made it easier to play multiple clubs, of differing genres, in the same night, by not having to carry tremendous amounts of record crates.
Available at Turntable Lab

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