Stylus’ Gift Picks

1.) Soundcloud Pro membership (price varies by subscription level)

Nothing is currently topping Soundcloud as a clearing house for working DJs and producers to share their work, and the site is building on its killer app feature set to hold its top spot. But if you really want to be a power user, you’ve got to pay to play.
Available at Soundcloud

2.) sE Electronics Reflexion Filter ($299)

Home recording is a requirement in the life of today’s independent producer and has revolutionized the recording industry, for better and worse. But if you want to move towards better, you’ve got to acoustically treat your work space. And if that space is small and your budget low, you can at least start with some isolation to get better signals into your microphones.
Available at Sweetwater

3.) Korg mini KAOSS PAD 2 effects unit ($130)

Most digital gear employs internal effects these days but I still like to get down with standalone units. I’ve gotten some great results out of the original Korg mini-KP when others stuck to its feature rich (and costly) big brothers. Now little brother has gotten a facelift, but is still wonderfully affordable.
Available at Korg

4.) Akai MPK Mini controller ($80)

Your creativity can hit a brick wall after hours, days and weeks in the studio trapped in the same four walls. But if you’re making music on software like many of us are, there are portable options that allow you to grab some headphones, your laptop and a controller so you can make beats in a coffee shop, in the library, on the Metro or anywhere, really. This little bit of Akai kit is a good compromise between build quality and compact size.
Available at Akai

5.) Rane Sixty Two DJ mixer with integrated Serato Scratch Live ($2000)

As a digital DJ who still prefers the feel of turntables, this new mixer from Rane manages to surpass their brilliant TTM-57. It also gives me a new holy grail piece of gear to lust after.
Available at Sweetwater

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