Jayclue’s Gift Picks

1.) Serato: Performance Series Control Vinyl 2LP – Glow in The Dark ($39.99)

These are the coolest control vinyl for Serato that I’ve seen. These would make the perfect gift for any Serato using DJ. They’re limited edition and glow in the dark!
Available at Amazon

2.) Novation Dicer Cue Point and Looping Control (set) ($99)

These are a great tool for DJ’s using Serato and Turntables or CD players. These would look nice wrapped up under my x-mas tree!
Available at Amazon

3.) Sennheiser HD 25-1 II Headphones ($200.00)

I think everyone should have a nice set of headphones. While these are not the sturdiest set of road worthy DJ headphones as they don’t fold up, they sound pretty amazing. I think the sennheiser headphones sound the best until you get into the really boutique, expensive headphones. These Sennheiser HD 25’s would be a top choice to gift for any music lover out there.
Available at New Egg

4.) Roland AX-Synth Shoulder Synthesizer Keyboard ($899.00)

This is one of those toys that has to put a smile on your face. I’ve always wanted a “Keytar”. Anyone that plays keys and wants to bring that rock star performance element into their life would be in love with this thing. Roland has been a long time keyboard and synthesizer mogul, so you know it’s top notch.
Available at Musician’s Friend

5.) Universal Audio Apollo FireWire Audio Interface w/ UAD-2 Quad DSP ($2,489.00)

This would look especially nice under my x-mas tree with my name on it! Universal Audio is a company known to make the cream of the crop in Prof-Audio Hardware for decades. Over the past decade they have evolved into making emulations of many Hardware units into DSP running software plug ins. UA has made a really nice professional sound card combined with their UAD-2 Quad processor DSP processing power to run their software versions. This sound card is the culmination of technology with experience in the Pro-Audio world. A gift like this would bring any modest studio into the professional sound world.
Available at Amazon

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