Atticus’ Gift Picks

1.) Ableton Push Hardware Controller ($599.00)

Really Looking forward to the new Push from Ableton. This one will make a great addition to my studio as well as helping me move into the world of live performances.
Available at Abelton

2.) Gerber Apocalypse Gear ($349.00)

Is the zombie apocalypse coming? I don’t know… but god, I sure hope so. Not getting lucky for over a year never stopped me from carrying condoms at all times so why not keep this handy roll of “kick ass” in the trunk at all times?
Available at Gerber

3.) Third Rock Fire Pit ($1679.00)

Speaking of the end of the world nothing smacks of a cozy night like watching the world burn. Cuddle up with your boo, sip a steamy coco, throw on some Slayer and let all your cares burn in hell where they belong.
Available at Fire Pit Art

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