Nitekrawler’s Gift Picks

1.) Light on The Southside [book], Numero Group ($60.00)

Numero Group, a record label that usually focuses on musical releases, also released a book documenting 1970s southside Chicago clubs. Entitled “Light: On The South Side,” it’s an excellent addition to a music lover’s library, or the coffee table of anyone who likes ’70s club photos. In my case, I want it for both the aforementioned reasons.
Available from Numero Group

2.) SwanFlight 45 DJ Case (£50.00)

For crazy fools like me that still enjoy spinning 45 RPM records at special events, a case like this really goes a long way. I currently have a few different types of cases, but often they are either too big or too small for the trip/gig. This one would be perfect! New, blue, and holds 200 45s.
Available at Swan Flight

3.) Dust and Grooves Book [pre-order]

The Dust and grooves book documents vinyl and vinyl culture. The kickstarter project has reached it’s goal, and soon Eilon will be posting up a webstore to pre-order the book. It will likely be under $100, and I would most certainly love a copy. A great gift would to promise to pre-order me one when it becomes available!
Available from Dust and Grooves

4.) Serato Scratch SL3 [updated box] ($699.00)

It always helps to stay on the cutting edge, and my serato box is rapidly becoming a dinosaur. I’m not even looking for the newest model… in fact, if I were to get the SL3, I’d be quite happy.
< href="" target="gc">Available at Guitar Center

5.) Canton Reference 3.2 DC Speakers

If some crazed rich guy ever decides that he needs to buy me new speakers, these guys would be just the right fit. I mean, this is likely to be nothing more than a pipedream, but it could still happen…..right? $6,499.99 per speaker, so the total would be roughly 13Gs. Yeah.
Available at Digital Craze

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