Song of The Day: Pharrell Williams “Happy”

Pharrell Williams

It seems like Pharrell Williams chose 2013 to remind folks of the magic behind his musical touch. He snagged the tune of the summer with the French robots and he’s part of the inner circle of heavyweights that Jay-Z tapped to steer his Magna Carta Holy Grail album.

Compared to those attention grabbing credits, his work on the soundtrack to Despicable Me 2 (after also contributing music to the first movie) may slide by with little fanfare, except for the fact that there are a few extra sweet treats on the project.

“Happy” may be a Motown throwback, which is fertile nostalgic ground already explored by many peers, but it’s so exquisitely done that nitpicking that point seems petty. Check the promotional lyric video below starring The Minions as well as Williams’ live performance on Jimmy Kimmel.

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