Songs of the Day: Freda Payne “The Easiest Way To Fall” & “Unhooked Generation”

JVC Force & Freda PayneYou’re no doubt wondering why I’m posting 2 songs of the day right now, and unless you’re a big fan of the hip hop group JVC Force, you’re likely to remain somewhat confused until you have a listen below

Fact is, I’ve been working on my JVC Force bit lately… especially after re-watching Diamond D 45 routines on the 1s and 2s….and these 2 songs really come in handy. All you really have to do is get 2 copies of each song on 45 rpm records, make loops by hand, and play with the beats. Ok, so it’s not quite that easy…..but it sure is fun. Listen to the original songs, and then the JVC Force Track below.

Oh, and if you get the urge to dance to these tracks at a really bad a$$ party this weekend, stop by Moneytown at Little Miss Whiskey’s tonight. We’ll do you right 🙂

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