Song of the Day: Stereolab “Super Electric”


Song of the Day: Stereolab “Super Electric”

“Super Electric” was one of the first songs I ever heard by the English/French group Stereolab and I’ve been completely hooked on them ever since. The song is the lead track off their Super Electric EP and hits that perfect sweet spot between disco, French chanteuse pop, krautrock, drone and space-age bachelor pad music. Stereolab manage to write experimental songs that play like dreamy pop singles and dreamy pop singles that play like experimental tracks. This song sounds like everything from Les Baxter to The Velvet Underground and a little bit of everything else in between.

Stereolab were founded in London in 1990 as a collaboration between English guitarist/ keyboardist Tim Gane and French keyboardist/ singer Laetitia Sadier. They took their name from Other frequent members include drummer Andy Ramsy and second vocalist/ guitarist/ keyboardist Mary Hansen (who unfortunately died in a bicycle accident in 2002). The group was one of the key underground bands of the 90s and was well-known for their eclectic and frequently obscure, though always tasteful influences (Gane in particular has a reputation as an avid record collector). Staunchly independent, Stereolab released the majority of their work on their own label, Duophonic.  The band also frequently collaborated with other like-minded acts including several collaborations with experimental group Nurse With Wound. The group gradually refined its sound, downplaying some its noisier influences and developing more of a clean pop sound on their later releases.

The Groupe (as they are known to their fans) released a whole series of absolutely wonderful albums, singles and EPs. Currently, Stereolab is on an indefinite hiatus that began in 2009. Here is hoping that they re-emerge and that we can hear more from them soon.