Song of the Day: Pretty Purdie “Modern Jive”

Pretty Purdie

Song of the Day: Pretty Purdie “Modern Jive”

From the great drummer, Bernard “Pretty” Purdie comes this mellow groover with some of the slickest drum breaks you’ll ever hear. 1967 saw this release on NYC’s Date Records and it electrified jukeboxes all over the region. This man happens to be one of my teachers and let me tell you, working with him is like being diagnosed by a doctor head to toe: Discovering ailments you never knew you had and cures to those ailments you never knew existed. Here’s to “The Hitmaker” and “The most recorded drummer of all-time!”

Purdie hails from Elkton, Md. and he first made a name for himself as a session drummer in NYC. His first session and first hit record was Doris Troy‘s 1963 hit “Just One Look” after¬†he literally inserted himself by sneaking into Atlantic Studios and taking the gig when the regular studio drummer went missing. ¬†Purdie went on to drum on hundreds of hits and thousands of records, working with artists from Aretha Franklin to Steely Dan. He is still very much active, continuing to play, record and tour regularly. While Purdie is best known as a groove drummer, his discography runs the gamut from Jazz to R&B, Rock, Funk and Fusion to Pop and beyond. Thank you Mr. Purdie!!!

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