Get some aerobic satisfaction with Maylee Todd

Serious late pass alert:
I have no idea how she slipped under my radar for the better part of the last calendar year, but today I have discovered and am feeling the pop-soul stylings of Toronto-based diva Maylee Todd, especially the killer jazz-pop-funk single “Aerobics in Space.”

Thanks to Turntable Lab for clueing me in via their write-up of the limited edition Serato 12″ vinyl.

Stylistically similar to some of the funkier moments (and theatricality) of Janelle Monae and reminiscent of Laura Vane and the Vipertones‘ “Roof Off” single from last year, “Aerobics in Space” is catchy as all get-out and good dance floor fun! Can’t wait to drop this at the next gig. That breakdown midway should inspire some moves.

Dig the official video below, inspired by Saturday morning cartoons and bad sitcoms.

And as a bonus, grab the Starting from Scratch remix of album track “Summer Sounds”:

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