Meet ZZK Records founder, expat Grant Dull

Courtesy expat Buenos Aires journalist Sorrel Moseley-Williams via ZZK Records, here’s an excellent interview with ZZK Records founder and producer, the Texas-born and bred Grant C. Dull.

After discovering the sounds of experimental cumbia on the first ZZK Records compilation back in 2009 (and enthusiastically following the label since then), I had dug into the artists creating those terrific sounds—Villa Diamante and Miss Bolivia, Chancha Via Circuito (considered by the Washington Post to be the best DJ they’ve seen so far in 2011), Lagartijeando, King Coya, Tremor—but didn’t know the biggest supporter behind them all was a US-born Texan. Very cool that Dull has been able to navigate through the music business in Argentina and bring such great artists to the world, most recently at the Coachella Festival.

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