Legendary house DJ/producer Todd Terry’ Hardhouse project from 1988 gets a slamming re-edit from Leftside Wobble. Updated on the low end for today’s dance floors, “Check This Out (Leftside Wobble Edit)” is a stormer of a house track.

I pulled “Under My Thumb” by The Rolling Stones out on a multi-generational party one evening and marveled at how everyone from ages 8 to 80 got their groove on. Right after that event, my esteemed west coast peer King Most dropped this slick and refined flip of the original. There’s got to be a connection.

Here’s a bit of shameless self promotion. I’ve been sitting on this little edit I did of Kabbala’s Afro disco classic “Ashewo Ara” for a minute. Figured it was time to share. Can’t wait to test this one at Sol Power this weekend, along with a few other fresh Sol Power edits we’ve been cooking up.