Weddings: Modern Father / Daughter dance songs

Father / Daughter Dance Photo courtesy Shang Chen Photo

For some unique non-overused Father / Daughter dances, try these:

John Mayer “Daughters”

Practically written for Father / Daughter dances, John Mayer gets a little sappy on this but it works.

Dionne Bromfield “Three Little Birds” This cover is magic, she holds the soul of the song intact but adds her own unique timbre and flavor to the song.

Grizzly Bear “Two Weeks”

I love Grizzly Bear and this song is what turned me on to them, it’s epic, sweeping and full of those lovely melodies and harmony that makes their music so lush.

Dappled Cities “My Girls”

Jessie Radlow “My Girls”

“My Girls” is one of Animal Collective’s best songs ever in my opinion. These two covers are both unique and more intimate than the original, making them a bit better-suited for the Father / Daughter dance.

Wilco “My Darling”

Wilco can really write a pretty song when they put their heart too it, “My Darling” is a sweet little number that would work well.

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