Song of the Day: Joe.D feat. Cool Cee Brown “Aaw Man, Homey”

Joe.D feat. Cool Cee Brown - Aaw Man, Homey

The title of this song is what the DC hip-hop community collectively sighed upon finding out that Akil Nadir (aka Cool Cee Brown) passed away last weekend.

This fierce emcee, educator and father was part of the U Street hip-hop renaissance from its beginnings. He leaves behind a bounty of underground rap gems, through his solo work and with the groups Dirty Water and Black Broadway. A product of Washington’s Duke Ellington School For The Arts, Nadir returned to the public school system as a teacher while continuing to drop rhymes on mics.

His feature on a “Aaw Man, Homey” by Dirty Water partner Joe.D is one of my faves.

“One for D.C., two for PG County, three for Northern VA now people get behind me…”

More on Akil Nadir / Cool Cee Brown:

Cool Cee Brown (photo by Kelli Anderson/Sojournals)

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