Song of the Day: De La Soul [feat. A Tribe Called Quest] “Sh.Fe.MCs”


A lame attempt to reorganize my records this past weekend quickly devolved into an extended session of listening to forgotten gems hidden in my vinyl stash. One of my favorite De La Soul cuts, “Sh.Fe.MCs” was released on the rare promo-only Clear Lake Audiotorium EP in 1994. Tommy Boy (De La Soul’s label at the time) only pressed 500 of these bad boys and gave them to A-list jocks to help promote De La Soul’s “Bulhoone Mindstate” LP (my personal favorite). Not sure why “Sh.Fe.MCs” didn’t make the LP, but it’s always been an all-time favorite. One day I’ll find an original pressing of Clear Lake Audiotorium on clear wax, but until then, I’ll settle for the repress on plain ol’ black vinyl.

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