Song of the Day: Casa Del Mirto “Hush (feat. MIA)”

Casa del Mirto

Song of the Day: Casa Del Mirto “Hush (feat. MIA)”

Italian chill wave collective Casa Del Mirto have a dreamy new single out called “Hush.” Featuring lead vocals from MIA (doing her best Santigold impression), “Hush” is a lush pop number with a bit of 80s reggae-inspired bounce and an overall summery atmosphere. Recommended.

Formed in 2005, the Casa Del Mirto trio is led by Marco Ricci.

Everything started in 2005/06, with a different style than today’s. The first 2 albums, “Supertrendycoolfashion” and “Numero Uno”, almost touched the sound of 90s House. I used to write music for clubs, but at the end I got tired of it. I always liked chamber music, intimate and introspective.

Check out more excellent music from Casa Del Mirto on Bandcamp.

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