Song of the Day: 3xD “Once More You Hear the Dope Stuff (Chuck Chillout Dope Mix)”

Three Times Dope

James Brown looped into a break-neck head-nodder

While on my way home from brunch on Sunday, I scooped up a couple records at a local spot. Amongst those choice pieces of wax was a 12″ by 3xD, aka Three Times Dope. Not unlike most hip-hop artists from the late 80’s, Three Times Dope added some James Brown loops to the hook of my favorite track on the twelve inch, “Once More You Hear the Dope Stuff (Chuck Chillout Dope Mix).” 3xD also looped percussion that any fan of Organized Konfusion’s first LP would recognize, a sample from a 1976 LP originally recorded by Coke Escovedo. All in all, the Chuck Chillout Dope Mix is (at least) a break-neck head-nodder… seriously DOPE stuff. Check it out!

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