Song of the Day: 38 Special “Caught Up In You”

For a while we had a family truck. It was a blue Silverado 1500. We used it anytime we need a big truck: moving a friend, dumping some big piece out dated unwanted furniture or just feeling the big sway of a huge hunk of moving metal on a back road. It had the musty smell that seemed to be indicative of any old truck. The interior was infused with the smells of fast food, beer and cigar smoke. It’s cab was big and the seat was basically a couch which made it nice to drive around on a fall day with your girl under your arm. The combination just made you feel like a bit more of a man then any other day.

When ever I drove that truck it only seemed right to set the radio to classic rock. In my younger days I shied away from classic rock. Bands like Led Zeppelin seemed too girly with their moaning and squealing and the Grateful Dead were… well a bunch of damn hippies. Southern rock was different and maybe I didn’t always appreciate it always seem to be a ubiquitous factor in the musical atmosphere of my youth. One of my favorite southern rock bands is 38 Special.

“Caught Up In You”, like most of there tracks, is so well put together. I’m also a sucker for songs about the day to day: work and women. We get enough politics on the news and frilly crap about ethereal realms is fun when you’ve eaten a cap or two. But the struggles of the day to day are timeless and resonate with everybody. I’m a few years older and been in quite a few relationships and the lyrics to this one pull on the heart strings of this aging romantic. The same strings that get a little tug driving down a certain road, near a certain place and in a certain blue truck.

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