highly-skilled, experienced & recognized professionals who do it all

Now bringing the party-rock to more people than ever before, D-Mac has hand-selected a roster of highly-skilled & experienced professional associate DJs ready to bring that dancefloor heat to your wedding, private party, or corporate event. Perfectly complementing their mobile experience, these are locally & nationally-recognized DJs & producers rocking some of your favorite DC nightspots—Marvin, Café Saint-Ex, Dodge City, Eighteenth Street Lounge, U Street Music Hall, and The Wonderland Ballroom—every week!
No other mobile team in the DC area can say this. No one.

From opening for James Brown to making people boogie into the late hours at that awesome house party you were at last month (the one you still can’t stop talking about), these guys are the cream of the crop. Collectively, they’ve got decades of experience at a wide range of events & locations. From providing an elegant, unique & well-selected soundtrack for cocktails & dinner to working a dancefloor into a frenzy, these DJs can do it all.
Meet them here.