Buy the Daft Punk Ferrari for Japan relief

The Electroma Ferrari is up for auction

As part of the #EMIfamily4Japan relief effort on eBay, Daft Punk have offered the coolest of the 259 music-related pieces up for auction: the 1987 Ferrari 412 used in Daft Punk’s feature-length film Electroma. I’m not usually one for 80s-era industrial design, especially automotive design (too many fetishized sharp angles), but this black Ferrari is an exception. Sporty but not too aggressive, its got a sophisticated coolness to it (and less than 600 were made). It’s a natural fit for a Daft Punk movie. Imagine slipping into that buttery-soft tan leather interior and cranking up the filter disco as the 4,900 cc engine purrs.
Seven days to go and bidding is up to $25,295.00.

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