Song of the Day: Wayna “Don’t Wanna Wait”


Song of the Day: Wayna “Don’t Wanna Wait”

Last weekend I helped organize a benefit concert raising money for the crisis in South Sudan. The most beautiful thing that artists can do with their music happened: eight acts performed- spoke directly the crowd, inspired the community, and empowered every audience member in their belief that they can make a difference. The last act on the bill was Phy Stone, a conscious hip hop group including members Wayna and Asheru. Their collaborative project is in the early stages but both artists have been on the scene for years.

Wayna is based in the DMV and if you have a chance to catch her live- I highly recommend it! She sings, raps, talks right to you about the messages in her lyrics. Wayna was raised in the US but born in Ethiopia. Her perspective on America is through an ex-pats lens, which happens to be the title of her last album- check it out here! This song, “Don’t Wanna Wait” is off that album.

In this unplugged video, Wayna sings about jumping into the thunder- not “waiting in vain,” as Bob says in one of my all-time favorite love songs. Whether it’s to raise money and awareness for an important cause, or diving head-first into a career opportunity- I don’t wanna wait. I resonate with the lyrics and I think telling yourself this message is the first step towards going for it!

Wayna‘s voice is soulful, sharp, poignant, beautiful. I love this song and hope you enjoy it too!