Song of The Day: Orange Juice “Rip It Up”

The Scottish band Orange Juice lasted 9 years from 1976 to 1985. A post-punk band, their biggest hit was “Rip It Up” which combines guitars, saxophones and the legendary Roland TB-303 synthesizer in a chilled out danceable tune that sounds to me like The Clash, the Talking Heads and Morrissey took a Caribbean vacation together.

The high concept, low budget video is jammed packed with wonderful nonsense. Partially filmed in what looks like the interior of the TARDIS with street scenes of London, getting thrown out of a Chinese grocery store, a room made completely of  “aluminium” complete with tea cup drums, an inflatable E.T. and Hawaiian shirts warn over white sailor pants, not to mention a band member tripping up a flight of stairs while wearing a wetsuit!

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