Song of the Day: The Evens “Wanted Criminals”


The Evens have been chugging along since 2001 with a uniquely self-contained approach to creating live music. By bringing their own PA system, along with a couple of lamps and a rug, they can put on a show anywhere – a library, a yoga studio, or a church basement. “Wanted Criminals”, from their latest album, gets a big sound out of a few elements – baritone guitar, drums, and dual vocals.

This song sounds particularly relevant as the Trayvon Martin trial proceeds, and the public is made aware of the extensive eavesdropping by the government on all of our communications. The Evens don’t just bemoan the state of the world but work to suggest and demonstrate an alternative way forward. See them in action tonight as they open the 2013 Fort Reno concert series.

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