Song of the Day: Just A Band “Huff + Puff”

Just A Band (Kenya)We dig for a lot of dusty afro-latin gems for Sol Power but when we dip our toes in the pool of modern African music, it’s like being engulfed by a tidal wave. Traditional sounds unchanged from generations are being mashed together with electronica, hip-hop, pop, soul, jazz and rock in ways that defy imagination. The energy of youth culture spread across such an enormous continent of so many different peoples, means sampling what’s happening in African music right now is like trying to sip from a firehose.

So here’s just one buzzed about tune from that vastness. “Huff + Puff” comes from the 2009 sophomore album by Kenya’s Just A Band. I imagined Andre 3000 on a remix then realized that’s not improbable. Try to identify all of the influences this bit of electro-pop pulls from then check out the story behind the zany, newly released video. I won’t hazard a witty description but their label describes them as a Kenyan super nerdy boy band and they refer to themselves as Africa’s super-nerdy electronic music/art collective.

You can explore and download all of Just A Band‘s releases on their site.

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