Song of the Day: General Ludd “Garimpos”

General LuddGeneral Ludd by Tine Bek

Song of the Day: General Ludd “Garimpos”

Glasgow-based production duo General Ludd—New Jersey native Rich McMaster and Canterbury’s Tom Marshallsay—have returned with a new EP, Rare Earth Metal, out June 29th on Ten Thousand Yen Records. Two tracks have been preview released by TTY: “Wigo Hill” and “Garimpos.” The latter is a raw, aggressive tribal house track with a hypnotic percussion loop and whirls of synth noises that (like previous Ludd releases) builds continuous tension over it’s seven minute length, pausing midway for a breakdown that sounds like an oncoming storm. Excellent. Take a listen via Soundcloud, then buy a download (and preorder the vinyl!) at TTY’s bandcamp page.

Ladies and Gentleman… General Ludd.
Having dropped some of our favourites from the last year on labels like Mister Saturday Night and Autonomous Africa, we are very happy to welcome these guys to the Ten Thousand Yen family. Weird, trippy rhythms, space echoes and chaos held together with hard percussive sound. So sick. We hope you enjoy as much as we do.

Song of the Day: General Ludd Garimpos

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