Song of the Day: Bow Wow Wow “Do You Wanna Hold Me?”

Genius/iconoclast music mogul Malcolm McLaren wasn’t limited to management of The Sex Pistols and his own musical achievements.

Looking for a vehicle to promote his girlfriend Vivienne Westwood’s fashion line, McLaren convinced Adam Ant’s original backing band to jump ship and form a new wave band dressed in Westwood’s finery: Bow Wow Wow. Following the Adam & the Ants formula [pop melody + twangy surf guitar + Burundi drumming], and aided by the sex appeal of teenage singer Annabella Lwin, Bow Wow Wow made a major impact on the New Wave movement in the U.S. and UK. The band scored their second U.S. charting single, “Do You Wanna Hold Me?” in February, 1983.

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