Song of the Day: Nemoy “Afraw”


Song of the Day: Nemoy “Afraw”

A record that caught my eye recently while at the record shop Nemoy‘s “Afraw” 12″. The sleeve with the analogue synth wielding lion and various wildlife in the background proved to be too tempting and I ended up buying the record. I’m glad I did, because the music proved to be as weird and wonderful as the sleeve. A mix of Latin and African influences combine with electronic and house music. A lot of weird analog vocal samples and little in-jokes appear to inserted throughout the track. The music manages to be both bumping and a little bit silly at the same time – and there is certainly nothing wrong with that. This is some of the most upbeat down tempo music I’ve ever heard. The track never outstays in welcome, frequently inserting intriguing percussion elements and horn samples whenever things threaten to drag.

Nemoy, whose real name is André Seiler describes himself as follows:

Mysterious are the paths on which music travels, and one of them leads into and out of the basement of Nemoy, born and grown up in Steg, a small village embedded in the Swiss canton of Valais, a stone’s throw away from ticino and italy, a place distinguishing itself through excellent wines, rugged mountains, much sun, some sort of desert-like lonelyness and a strong company between people. Nemoy is obsessed with instruments, addicted to collecting and learning how to play and incorporate them into his musical vision. synthesizers, pianos, organs, horns, basses… you name it. Even when he gets to grab the mic with his rapgroup “Stockitown”, he often adresses the topics that make his world: samples, breakbeats, their sources, beatmaking, vibing to music… Nemoy is a child and devotee of the great contributors in Jazz, Funk, Reggae, Soul… or short: Black music in its many old and new outlets.

Dig it!