Song of the Day: April + VISTA “Hot Coffee Freestyle”

Song of the Day: April + VISTA "Hot Coffee Freestyle"

Song of the Day: April + VISTA “Hot Coffee Freestyle”

As an inveterate DC booster, it’s always gratifying when the most invigorating new sounds in my playlists are from local talent. I use the word “local” strictly as a qualifier of geographic origin, because vocalist and producer duo April + VISTA are creating ripples that radiate far beyond the DMV.

Describing their sound is an enjoyable challenge. Nuanced, angular, lush electronic soundscapes with lithe, sensuous vocals floating on top. It’s not the whispery alt-R&B currently en vogue, as April has more character in her instrument and VISTA takes more chances in the arranging. If I put on my A&R hat, I’d call them Little Dragon meets KING. Or I can just let them speak for themselves.

April George (singer, songwriter, pianist, violinist) and mattVISTA (producer, engineer, bassist) make up the genre-bending duo April + VISTA. Hailing from the DMV (DC, Maryland, VA) they pull from an eclectic range of influences–fusing traditional elements with futuristic soundscapes, quirky beats, and immersive storytelling.

Their music has garnered nods from a wide range of collectives and publications including Soulection, Saint Heron, Majestic Casual, and AFROPUNK. Their most recent singles have landed on BBC 1 Xtra with Jamz Supernova, Beats1 with Julie Adenuga, Beast1 with Ebro, and REVOLT TV to name a few.

The pair’s newest release You Are Here gets better with each listen. Highlighting any specific tune is just a recommendation to dive into the full project but currently “Hot Coffee Freestyle” is racking up the play counts in my library.

Song of the Day: April + VISTA "Hot Coffee Freestyle" (Photo by Stephanie Salinas)