Song of the Day: Ween “Voodoo Lady”


Here’s a record which I fell in love with the album cover first, bought the record for the cover, then grew to love the entire LP. Ween’s Chocolate and Cheese LP came out in 1994 but I didn’t discover it until five years later when I saw the LP in a Los Angeles record store. The artwork on this really needs to be seen on the 12″ LP version and not a CD, btw.

Anyway, back to the music: every track on Chocolate and Cheese sounds completely different than every other (in a good way). “Voodoo Lady” is the funk track and it is of the P-Funk variety which I love. The song bounces along nicely (ahem). I’ve played it at a few weddings and it gets knowing smiles from Ween fans and is so catchy that it will keep folks on the dance floor who’ve never heard it before. God bless Ween!

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