Song of the Day: Happy Mondays “Loose Fit (Dim Zach & Deem Edit)”

Song of the Day: Happy Mondays Loose Fit (Dim Zach & Deem Edit)

Song of the Day: Happy Mondays “Loose Fit (Dim Mach & Zach Deem Edit)”

This edit of “Loose Fit,” the Madchester classic by Happy Mondays, is really nice. Dim Zach & Deem do a nice job of working this just right. I love the way this song rides and builds, the guitars and drums bounce in harmony and the lead vocals are just perfect. I listened to Happy Mondays non stop when they first dropped back in the late 1980s, and I loved everything they did, especially their 1990 indie dance breakthrough Pills ‘n’ Thrills and Bellyaches. This edit takes me back to when I wore baggy jeans and wore sunglasses in the raves. The fact that this album was produced by Paul Oakenfold is kinda amazing, back then he was quite a great producer, his output now is totally suspect, but he’s just trying to keep up with the Hardwells of the world.

My favorite song by Happy Mondays would have to be “Gods Cop”, I would put it on repeat and dance in my room for hours too because I thought the drums were so amazing. I later found the breakbeat was a sample from Banbarra “Shack up”, which really got me into digging for classic break records. “Step On” from this album is super good as well, but the whole album really holds up well. All this early 90’s music seems to be next 80’s like excitement for the younger generation, which is cool their were so many great albums released in the early 90’s.

Free download via the Soundcloud link below.

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