Suzanna and Noah’s Catskills nuptials and reception

suzzana tent

There’s something about a backyard wedding that makes it a little more special than one held at a traditional wedding venue. People hanging out on the back porch before the ceremony, the family dog greeting wedding guests with a few friendly barks, the father of the bride offering to help the DJ carry his gear, wedding guests bringing the liquor down to the reception etc. Noah and Suzanna’s wedding in Roxbuy, NY was just such an affair.

Noah’s dad opened up his Catskill Mountains house to a fun and diverse group of his son (and now daughter’s) friends. He even cleared and flattened part of his backyard to make sure the rented tent was on flat ground! This was a true DIY wedding. Other than the catering and the music pretty much everything else was done by the wedding party and their families.


Folks came from Seattle, Atlanta, Montreal, Chicago, Brooklyn, Pakistan, and many points between. The day started hot and everyone suspected a shower. Of course the shower came just as everyone was seated for the ceremony! Time to move to the tent. After a short delay the ceremony proceeded, and it was lovely and very inclusive. The rain stopped and the temperature dropped making the rest of the evening a perfect one for celebrating.

Suzanna and Noah’s first dance was to “Hard to Concentrate” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Next Suzanna danced to “Kodachrome” by Paul Simon with her dad and then the mom’s came out to the Stevie Wonder classic “Sign Sealed Delivered.” A lovely dinner followed. After toasts and dessert the real party started.


The early part of the evening was devoted to Motown, Simon and Garfunkel, Black Eyed Peas, Michael Jackson and the like. The second phase of the evening had more of an adult theme and was devoted mostly to hip-hop – Jay-Z, Tupac, Lil Wayne, Nelly, Naughty by Nature, Beyonce and some Daft Punk. Things went late but with an appreciative crowd this DJ didn’t mind at all! The last song of the night was “Juicy” from Biggie Smalls.

Jon Ervin out of New York City was the photographer!

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