Song of the Day: William DeVaughn “Be Thankful For What You Got” (FKJ Remix)

WDVN-NiceWilliam DeVaughn’s song “Be Thankful for what you got” dropped in 1974 and blew up on the gospel stations at the time and slowly gained the #4 spot on the R&B Billboard chart. He had written the song and paid for it to be recorded with his own hard earned cash, knowing that this song would be a hit if just given the right production. He re-recorded the song later on a second album, pumping it up a bit more with a post-disco dance sound. Sadly, William grew tired of the recording industry and went back to is former job as a draftsman and worked in record stores, but his reach legacy of great music lives on. I have 4 or so different remixes and re-edits of this track that I play all the time, but recently FKJ released his own remix and I have to say he did something really funky and unique to the track. His added keys and re-arrangement work perfectly in my humble opinion.

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