Song of the Day: Wee Gee “Hold On (To Your Dreams)”

Wee Gee Hold On

A few years ago I was up late listening to BBC Radio 6.  As I drifted off to sleep, my ears were serenaded by the words “children hold on to your dreams”, sung by who I assumed were angels, because they sounded so perfect.  I quickly roused myself from sleep, listened intently, waiting for the DJ to announce the song title and artist.  I wasn’t aware it would be 10 glorious minutes until the song ended.  While I listened, I fought back tears at hearing such beautiful lyrics.  It had been a very long time since I’d been moved by a song in such a way.

The DJ announced the 10 minute opus I’d been listening to was “Hold On (To Your Dreams)” by William ‘Wee Gee’ Howard.  The song is the lead track on the 1980 album Hold On (To Your Dreams)Wee Gee was a two-time member of The Dramatics.  Following his first departure from the group, he maintained a solo career and recorded a few singles and the aforementioned LP.

I recommend you reserve 10 minutes today and listen to “Hold On (To Your Dreams)” in its entirety.  It may change your life.

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