Song of the Day: Trifle “Home Again”

One early Saturday morning ten or so years ago I was digging for records at a now defunct DC flea market when I came across an amazing box of rare English and European psych and prog records. I recognized Ogdens’ Nut Gone Flake by the Small Faces (in the original round cover) but not much else. Over the years I’ve gotten to know and love many of these LP’s but my favorite of the bunch is one from an English band called Trifle.

The album is called First Meeting and it came out on the very collectable Dawn label in 1971. Trifle has a lovely horn based prog rock sound that reminds me of Traffic and Colosseum. Even though they’re a rock band they have jazz chops and R&B sensibilities. This was their only album.

I picked “Home Again” because its Thanksgiving week and I just LOVE this song.

I later found out that the song “Home Again” was originally recorded by another obscure and great band Archie Whitewater and here is their version so you can compare the two –

Hope you get to head home—wherever that may be—this week!

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