Song of The Day: The Summits – “Sleepwalking”

SummitsGuess what? You got it, I’m still rolling with songs related to local music projects. Up this round, I’m gonna focus my attention on the subject matter behind an upcoming compilation on the terrific Numero Group label. This particular comp will feature the handy work of engineer & label owner Jose Williams, completed under the guise of “Red, Black, and Green Productions.”

Right now, I’ll be showcasing one of the 20 or so tracks chosen for the comp. Recorded at DB Sound Studios in Silver Spring, MD, The Summits’ “Sleepwalking” is the kind of tune that always gets a steady head nod from me… not to mention the fact that you’ve got killer strings & vocals to boot. The song itself is about the search for love, and though the aforementioned love is just out of reach for the vocalist, the tune never fails to give me a good feeling. Give it a shot!

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