Song Of The Day: Sonic Youth “Dirty Boots”

When I look at the release date [1991, for Sonic Youth’s Goo album] it hits me how old I am. But when I watch the video for lead album track “Dirty Boots” it seems like it was yesterday. In 1991 I was 16. I drove a white Mercury Cougar—that used to be my mom’s—into DC to see shows with my friends. There were 3 bands that were constantly in heavy rotation in that car: Bad Brains, Fugazi and Sonic Youth. South Youth was like no other band and the name itself seemed to capture the very essence of my life as a young music lover. They had such a unique sound which was born from unconventional tuning and instruments that had been altered in the most haphazard ways. This songs will always take me back to some of the best days of my life.

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