Song of the Day: Sly & Billy “Little Latin Lupe Lu (Funkanizer Edit)”

I love 60s soul as much as I love ghetto funk, so when I heard this Funkanizer edit, I flipped.

Before Sly Stone had riots goin’ on with The Family Stone starting in 1966, he was Sly Stewart and served as in-house producer & studio musician for the San Francisco-based Autumn Records, working with the likes of Bobby Freeman, The Beau Brummels, and organist/pianist Billy Preston, among other mid-60s pop and soul chart wonders. Sly and Billy recorded a great version of the sock-soul party tune “Little Latin Lupe Lu” that remained in the Autumn vault for years, never to be released as a single.
You can now check it out on the terrific Ace Records compilation Precious Stone: In the Studio with Sly Stone 1963-1965, pictured here.

Fast-forward nearly 50 years and across the Atlantic to Athens, Greece, where Ghetto Funk producer the Funkanizer has chopped up and funked up the original tune into a bass-heavy monster perfect for today’s dancefloors. [Or at least my dancefloors. This is gonna burn holes in the walls at Marvin next week.]

Check out the Funkanizer’s stellar edits and original tracks over at his Soundcloud page.

Little Latin Lupe Lu (Funkanizer edit) Alternate D/L link in track description by Funkanizer

The 100 Soundcloud downloads went fast, so our man was generous enough to provide an alternate download link.

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