Song of the Day: Slowdive “Alison”


Slowdive are back! In case you’ve ignored indie pop since 1989, Slowdive are a British shoegaze/dream pop band. “Alison” is the first track off of their second studio album, Souvlaki, that came out in 1993 on Creation Records. The band released one more full length—the experimental (and commercially unsuccessful) Pygmalion— before spliting rather suddenly in 1994.

After influencing scores of bands and (more or less) single-handedly fathering the Chillwave movement, the band have been rehearsing for the Primavera Sound Festival in Barcelona this May and been talking about the possibility of doing another record with the original lineup. I’m ecstatic! They’re one of my favorite bands in the 90’s. Although I’ve seen frontman Neil Halstead sing some Slowdive songs solo, I really would love to see them play together.

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