Song of the Day: Skeewiff “Close Shave”

Skeewiff has been producing cool fringe electronic music for a long while now, they were way ahead of the game with the 60’s-infused dancemusic that became popular with the likes of Ursula 1000 and some other artists in the late 1990’s.

They started doing library music back in the early 2000’s and kinda fell off everyone’s radar. I was suprised to see them back in action recently when they opened up a soundcloud page, and added a bunch of back catalog stuff for free and some new mash-ups and new tunes. Recently they have been posting up a whole album of electro swing music for free. Electro Swing is electronic music that uses classic swing sounds and samples with updated studio production and funk(ier) drums.

Anyway, I thought “Close Shave” was the best of the pack, but there is a whole album’s worth of material for you to grab for free from their soundcloud if you wish.

Skeewiff – Close Shave by Skeewiff

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