Song of the Day: PUTS and Black Milk Flip Macca for Christmas

ding dong ding dong ding dong dong ding

Paul McCartney’s “Wonderful Christmastime” either evokes fond memories around this time of year or feels like a dagger of repetition in your head as it soundtracks your shopping battles in your local mall.

Here are two flips of McCartney’s yule tune that give it a fresh feel.

First up is West Coast underground legends People Under The Stairs with “Holiday Party,” spinning a warm tale of Hennessy-spiked egg nog and rap tapes under the tree.

A couple of years ago, Detroit rapper and producer Black Milk enlisted Melanie Rutherford for the sexy and soulful “Simply Having.”

And as a bonus, here’s De La Soul‘s “Simply”. It’s my favorite of these three flips, as well as the first to be released back in 2001. While it isn’t a Christmas song, it’ll definitely set off your holiday party. Dave’s Nice’n’Smooth impressions in his verses are hilarious.

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