Song of the Day: Pere Ubu “Final Solution”

There are some songs which just sound BIGGER than everything else around it. A few that come to mind are “Achilles Last Stand” Led Zeppelin, “We Will Rock You” Queen, “Smoke on the Water” Deep Purple and “Clampdown” The Clash.

“Final Solution” released by Cleveland’s Pere Ubu in 1976, is one of those songs (it has nothing to do with Nazi Germany btw). Pere Ubu influenced The Pixies, Mission of Burma, Fugazi and countless other bands who know (or knew) how to use dynamics to their advantage.
Too bad it’s not a good jock rock tune because I would love to hear this on a stadium sized sound system! I saw Pere Ubu play this live in 1987, and while their whole show was amazing this particular song was just BIGGER than all the other tracks around it. PLAY LOUD.

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