Song of the Day: Mizax and the Flizaps “Test Me”

Recently, I’ve been spending a good bit of time with Maxx Kidd. Maxx is known for his work with go-go music during what most people would consider to be its golden years in the 1980’s. [Still vital today, you can follow Maxx on Twitter.] Unfortunately, the soul music career that preceded those endeavors is too often overlooked.

Mizax and the Flizaps “Test Me” is one example of a plethora of forgotten works that a younger Maxx chose to involve himself in, long before go-go was just a way to refer to a local night club. To draft this single, Max teamed up with Robert Bateman [of Motown fame] and wove his own vocals into the master’s arrangements. Hopefully you’ll enjoy both Maxx’s lyrics, and the underlying Hitsville elements!

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