Song of the Day: Lily Allen “Smile”

Lily Allen’s signature “Smile” (from her terrific 2006 debut Alright Still) combines two things I love: rocksteady and girls with a dark side.

The organ riff in this track contains samples from organist Jackie Mittoo’s “Free Soul” and to me a really captures a modern interpretation of classic Ska and Rocksteady. The story of the video and the mean spirited subject matter of the song are complimented nicely by the adorably dark, sexy sassy and lovely rude Lily Allen.

One thought on “Song of the Day: Lily Allen “Smile”

  1. There have been some great remixes of “Smile.” Digital Soundboy’s dub is a great drum’n’bass remix. And Mark Ronson’s revisited version takes it straight back to the 60s with a fun Motown bounce.

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