Song of the Day: Julian’s Treatment “Phantom City”


the intersection of psych, prog and metal

As the weather turns colder and Halloween approaches I tend to reach for a different set of records than I had a few weeks before. Out go the breezy bossa novas and power pop of the summer and in comes the heavy, darker stuff! I particularly love music that sits at the intersection of psych, prog and metal. A Time Before This, the 1970 debut album from Julian’s Treatment, is just such a record (although its not really very metal). It is however very proggy and is definitely psychedelic enough to satisfy my inner hippie, especially the spooky “Phantom City.”

Released as a double LP in the UK and as a single LP in the US, this now-rare classic was the brainchild of science fiction writer Julian Jay Savarin. It features great heavy organ and gorgeous yet slightly sinister female vocals. I will be definitely playing this on Halloween!

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