Song of the Day: General Ludd “C”

07152014_mistersaturdaynight_brothersandsisters2Brothers and Sisters in full-color triple vinyl glory [image courtesy Turntable Lab]

After a string of successful 12″ vinyl only releases, Brooklyn-based party/record label Mister Saturday Night have just released their first compilation full-length, Brothers and Sisters. Paying testament to founders Justin Carter and Eamon Harkin’s impeccable and broad taste in underground house, Brothers and Sisters represents producers from around the globe, including Glasgow, Scotland’s General Ludd. Based on a clattering percussion sample and a simple 808 bass throb, “C” slowly builds to its inevitable tribal conclusion. An altogether different dance experience from their in-your-face, sample-heavy disco-house bangers on their Fit of Passion EP (also on Mister Saturday Night Records).

An additional testament to Carter and Eamon’s love of wax is that the vinyl version is all previously unreleased material, quality-packaged on three LPs with color-coordinated sleeves and custom labels (the CD version features a different track selection with previous released material and a few new tracks).

Get a quick taste of “C” below and then head over to their webstore to buy the album in the format of your choice.

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