Song of the Day: Featurecast “Funky White Brother (Remastered)”

Goodgroove Records first came on the breaks scene over 7 years ago, with a 20-strong series of sample-heavy, high-quality 12″ singles aimed directly at the vinyl-loving DJ market (and his/her appreciative breaks-loving dance floor). These very limited pressings were strictly vinyl-only. No downloads to be had, paid or otherwise. So unless you were an in-the-know, obsessive collector, traditionalist DJ, you simply didn’t have easy access (and your iPod was all the sadder because of it). Until now.

After “disappointing thousands of people for many years, Goodgroove now has the answer that will put the smiles back on to the faces of music lovers and DJs around the world who are still carrying the wax or even worse have an inferior recording to play.”

Digitally remastered for maximum bass bumping, the original releases will return as complete collections, artist-by-artist, starting with one of the biggest name in breaks, none other than Featurecast. His dance floor reworking of Wild Cherry’s “Play That Funky Music”—redubbed “Funky White Brother”—has long been a crate staple for me (yes, I admit to creating my own ‘inferior recording’), with inclusion on my Promophobia Vol. 2 mix. So glad it is now available for download, sounding fresh as ever! Get your own copy—as part of the Featurecast Remastered & Reissued album—exclusively at Juno Download.

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